Into Incumbency: ABCD

Asset Based Community Development encourages good practice for churches engaging with local communities.  The ABCD approach resonates with the Christian understanding of ‘mission dei’ – finding out what God is doing and joiningContinue reading

Kingdom Vision

Open to Clergy and Readers only Giving yourself time and space to reflect on how God’s continuing call is key to fruitful ministry.  So often in our busy lives weContinue reading

Into Incumbency: Eco Church

Eco Church is a tool to enable us to engage well with environmental concerns, working under the five headings of worship and teaching; buildings; land, community and global; and lifestyle. Continue reading

Into Incumbency: Legal Matters

This session covers some of the main areas where legal issues impact on day to day ministry.  This includes: Marriage – banns, qualifying connections, common and special licenses and marriageContinue reading