Embed Diocesan News

The latest diocesan news is available as a feed which can be viewed here:
RSS feed icongloucester.anglican.org/news-events/latest-news/feed/

Other news feeds:

Any specific tag or category on the diocesan website can also be accessed as a news feed by simply appending the word ‘feed’ to the URL. For example, posts tagged ‘Blog’ are available
via: gloucester.anglican.org/tag/blog/ and therefore the feed is via: gloucester.anglican.org/tag/blog/feed

Example ‘latest news’ feed:


Embed this news feed in your website using the code available below:

Download the text file: embed code for diocesan news
Simply copy the code on the text file linked above, and paste it into any (code view) web page to display the news feed. The values (eg. width, height etc) can be changed to suit your website. Currently it’s set at 100% width, which means the widget will fit the full width of any element it is placed within.

If you encounter problems, please contact our Communications department.

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