What is Stewardship?

Stewardship put simply is the conscious act of how we give/use our time, skills and money in thanksgiving to all that God has provided. The Familiar offertory response “all things come from you, and of your own do we give you” reminds us that all that we have is sourced from God’s provision. Offering these gifts is a joyful act for the sake of God’s world and can be experienced and expressed in many ways.

We are encouraged to give time, skills and money to support the work of the church and that of other charities that build God’s Kingdom. Much of this giving may be regular giving from our income, but we should also consider what we will do with the wealth we accumulate. Everyone is encouraged to make a will and we have a special section A time to sow to help people with willmaking matters, and to understand how they might leave a gift to support the Church’s work if they would like to do so.


The Money Revolution preview imageThe Money Revolution helps you apply Christian principles to handling money. Whether we are comfortable, broke, or somewhere in between, we all have questions about money. The Money Revolution offers a distinctively Christian slant on issues such as:

• Ethical spending
• Credit and Debt
• Savings
• Generosity
• Insurance

At the heart of “the Money Revolution” is a 64 page workbook which summarises five key principles. Short chapters help you apply the principles outlined above to your situation. The book works well for individuals, or alongside a series of home group discussions.

To buy a copy of the book for £1.50 + P&P, please contact  to order.

Giving for Life

Giving for Life is a programme designed to give parishes the opportunity to openly discuss the Christian principles of giving, alongside looking at the needs of churches today. It seeks to address the enormous change in the way the Church has been funded over the past fifty year.
This event must be well planned and resourced and should include the opportunity to:

  •  Teach and preach: giving in response to God, giving in response to need and giving thanks.
  •  Communicate: reiterate or communicate for the first time your vision and mission for the church locally.
  •  Discuss: look at how the church is funded ‘today’ and how important regular giving is to its survival and growth.
  •  Share: help people to assess why they give to church.
  •  Raise awareness: highlight the importance of giving to the Church.

Giving for life: Getting started
Liturgical materials
Liturgical materials
Sample order of service 1 – God gives to us
Sample order of service 2 – We give to God
Sample order of service 3 – Giving Thanks
Example sermons 
All Age Worship Materials
Planning your event booklet


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