Emergency Planning

Peter Cheesman – Civil Protection Advisor (Churches Together in Gloucestershire)
 / 01452 740533

Peter has 14 years’ experience in Emergency Management, ranging from initiating a Community Resilience Team for a village with a population of 1,100 to sharing that experience for a number of local authorities and the Civil Contingency Secretariat. He is involved in the recruiting and training of volunteers in the Beacon awarded Gloucestershire Accredited Volunteers Scheme. He is involved in reviewing plans for Humanitarian Centres – Rest Centres, Survivors Receptions Centres, Family & friends Reception Centres and Humanitarian Assistance Centres. He believes in in the involvement all appropriate partners in this area – Police, Fire, Ambulance, LA Emergency Management, and Voluntary Organisations to provide an integrated response to those affected. This is whilst acknowledging the different organisational cultures and priorities of the partners.

Peter believes it is the part of the duty of faith communities to respond to both in major incidents in cooperation with LRF Partners and to support Community Resilience initiatives without prejudice or discrimination between those of any faith and those with no faith. In this context, without compromising their beliefs, faith groups should not exploit the influence they have over their members or the vulnerable. He also believes that the Resilience Community should use the expertise, experience and position in the community of volunteers from Faith Communities without compromising their position of neutrality to different faiths and none.

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