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For churches : the Resourcing Festivals series

The Resourcing series is a range of all-age worship and activity materials.  Many churches are looking for practical, imaginative ideas to engage everyone aged from 0 – 90 in worship. These resources offers ideas for talks, prayers, confessions and much more, for all the seasons of the church year.  They all work within a Common Worship framework, but can be adapted for almost any situation.  Each pack (except Pentecost) includes an outline for an activity morning.  Service ideas can be adapted for use in Eucharistic and non-Eucharistic services.  The packs are incredibly good value at £5.00 each.

Resourcing Easter  £5.00

The season from Lent through Easter is demanding, and it’s not always easy to see how to engage children and families. This pack includes worship ideas for Lent, Mothering Sunday, Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday and Easter Sunday. It also includes an activity morning for Good Friday.

Resourcing Pentecost  £5.00

Pentecost is both a festival and a season. This resource offers all-age services for Pentecost, Trinity and Father’s Day together with a series of worship outlines to accompany Experience Pentecost,  which draws on the story of the growing church. These include ideas for celebrating the world church as well as thinking about the work of the Holy Spirit.

Resourcing Summer  £5.00

August is often the month when churches give regular Sunday work with children a break, so this pack contains four all-age outlines for each Sunday in the month. There is also a special service to mark the beginning of the school year and a Summer Fun activity morning.

Resourcing November  £5.00

There are many key festivals in this season, and this pack includes outlines for All Saints, Remembrance Sunday, Christ the King, Advent Sunday and St. Nicholas (a great festival for a focus on children). There are two activity workshops – for Halloween and St. Nicholas, plus tips on involving children with All Souls remembering.

Resourcing Christmas  £5.00

Fresh ideas are always needed for this most familiar of seasons. The pack contains ideas for every Sunday in Advent, Christmas Day and Epiphany. There are also two crib services – one for toddlers and one for families.

Creating Christmas  £5.00

The Advent and Christmas season brings many opportunities to meet families and communities in all kinds of contexts. This pack is a pic’n’mix of ideas that can be used to create a whole service or as one-off items. There are openings, confessions, talks and prayers galore.

For churches : worship and youth ministry

Glimpses for Young People  £10.00

Glimpses for Young People is a CD-ROM containing  hundreds of ideas and activities.  It has five sections: Reflections, Spaces, Stations, Music, and Breaths.  It is designed to help young people reflect upon their spirituality. It has no particular faith bias, and is, therefore, suitable for everyone working with young people.

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 Leading Worship  £10.00

This course is designed to train lay people to lead worship, and to understand and follow church guidelines.  It is written and edited by members of worshipping communities of various sizes, types and church styles.  The resource offers a structured and exciting way to train lay people to lead worship responsibly while following Church guidelines.  A CD-ROM contains all of the material required for six modules of 90 minutes each, including a teaching plan, PowerPoint presentations, and hand-outs to facilitate discussion and group work.

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