Experience journeys

Supporting school-church links

The Experience Journeys are an exciting way to share the story of the Christian faith and to engage children in the events and celebrations of major Christian festivals.  Children travel around stations set up in the church building or outdoor space, and have opportunities to respond through multi-sensory activities.

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The Experience Journeys were originally designed to be hosted by a church community for their local primary schools, serving to strengthen mutually supportive links between schools and churches.  Churches often choose to keep the displays in place and open the church during the days following schools visits, so that their own members can visit to experience the journey.  The journeys can also be adapted for schools to hold the event in their own halls and classrooms.

Each pack comprises a set of laminated cards, giving a colour photograph of each station along with detailed instructions of how to create the stations, as well as careful directions to help the group leaders explore each part of the story with the children.  Each station also includes a reflective, multi-sensory activity.

New!  Eucharist Journey  £15.00

Eucharist Journey is an interactive and creative way to engage primary school children in learning about the Eucharist.
The six stations that comprise Eucharist Journey are designed to be located in different parts of the church building.  Each station takes as its focus a key Christian symbol.

Large colour photographs, together with the comprehensive resource list, make the stations easy to create.  A complete script with directions (written in italics) is provided for leaders.

Eucharist Journey is most suited to children in Key Stage Two (7-11 years old).

Eucharist Journey is primarily designed to support the RE curriculum, although it could be adapted as part of the preparation for confirmation or first communion.  Sample page


Experience Easter  £15.00

An interactive way to explore the Easter story with children
Experience Easter was written to resource churches to help children and young people explore the Easter story.  Six stations cover key moments in the Easter narrative, exploring the events of Holy Week in ways that are interactive and stimulating.

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Experience Christmas  £15.00

Experience Christmas includes detailed instructions for six stations that can be created in different parts of the church, engaging children with the events leading up to Christmas through interaction and reflection.  Children work in small groups to explore each of the stations, then come together as a class to visit the final station.

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Experience Pentecost  £15.00

Experience Pentecost enables children to gain a fuller understanding of the significance of Pentecost, the festival celebrated fifty days after Easter: central to this festival is the work of the Holy Spirit.  Six stations, set up around the church, provide an interactive, multi-sensory way to engage children imaginatively with the events surrounding Pentecost.

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Experience Harvest  –  New edition available Summer 2019

Experience Harvest offers an interactive way to explore the rich harvest of our land and the spiritual harvest of our lives.  It will enable children to gain a fuller understanding of the significance of nature’s cycles of growth, and to explore Christians beliefs about how the spirit of God produces growth in character, in what the Bible calls “Fruit of the Spirit”.

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Experience Easter Outside  £15.00

Experience Easter Outside was produced for the 2011 celebration of the bicentenary of the establishment of Church of England schools by the National Society.  Experience Easter Outside helps churches and schools work together to explore the Easter story, utilizing one of the great amenities that many churches have – outdoor space.

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Experience Church  £15.00

Experience Church uses features of the church building to teach about key events in the life of Jesus, offering an insight into the worship and witness of the local church community.  It was written to support the primary RE curriculum, and employs a range of multi-sensory activities to engage children in discussion and reflection.

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