Values education

Supporting schools: values education and spiritual development

Teaching Values for Life: our range of resources to support values education and spiritual development in primary schools.

Story books to support each of the values can be purchased from Pickabook.

Roots and Fruits (produced by Imaginor) £55.00

Imaginor’s collective worship resource provides all you will need to lead Christian assemblies on values themes over twelve terms: a two year programme of fully worked creative collective worship materials, rooting Christian values in stories from the Bible and linking to seasons of the Church year.
Shahne Vickery has been joined by international storyteller Bob Hartman as well as professional poets, artists and photographers, to create this inspirational collective worship resource.

Out of the Box Worship  (in association with Imaginor)  £28.00

Innovative and interactive assemblies with values themes for Key Stage 1.
Out of the Box Worship supports children’s spiritual and moral development through active, multi-sensory engagement.  Each of the 36 assemblies has a Christian value as its stimulus.  It can be used on its own, or alongside Roots and Fruits as part of the Values programme.

Sample pages and more information are available on the Imaginor website.

Pause to Reflect on Values  £28.00


Part of the Values for Life toolkit, this pack gives details for creating interactive areas focusing on each of the eighteen values. Modelled on the very successful Pause for Reflection, this resource is a helpful tool in promoting spiritual development throughout the whole school community.

Home School Values (in association with Imaginor)  OUT OF STOCK

Created to help schools to strengthen the home-school partnership by resourcing parents and carers to explore the school’s values with their children. Home School Values contains eighteen colourful double-sided sheets (one for each of the values in the Teaching Values for Life toolkit) packed full of quizzes, stories, fascinating facts and words of wisdom. The sheets are photocopiable to send home with children, or can be downloaded (from Imaginor) to put on the school’s website.

Sample pages and more information are available from the Imaginor website.

Please note that Values for Life is now out of print.

Creating a Multi-sensory Spiritual Garden in Your School  £23.00

This publication, researched and written by Shahne Vickery, offers a host of practical ideas and advice for schools to create a spiritual garden in their grounds. It includes several hundred high-quality photographs of school gardens throughout the UK as well as many fresh ideas for outdoor prayer and reflection activities.

Each chapter focuses on one of the five senses, and considers how planting, hard landscaping, art installations and wildlife habitats can be used to foster children’s spiritual development, encourage them to appreciate the peacefulness of natural surroundings, and enjoy the space interactively.

Pause for Reflection  £21.00

Fifteen ideas for creative, interactive displays to promote spiritual development in the primary school. Each display is fully explained with instructions for assembling the reflective corner, questions to ask the children and follow up discussion ideas.

Prayers for Life in a Church Primary School  £5.00

Contains over one hundred prayers for every occasion in the life of the school community: for major celebrations in the school and church year; welcoming a new Headteacher; remembering a child in hospital;  opening a governors’ meeting and many more.

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