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Ann Edwards Almshouses Gloucestershire

Documents and information for applicants and new residents:

Direct Debit form

Next of kin

GP authorisation

Letter of Appointment

Lifelink Disclaimer

Almshouses Application Form

Residents’ Handbook

Documents and information for existing residents:

Condensation and Mould Growth information

Guest room application form

Guest room procedure

Anti-social Behaviour policy and procedure

Independent living policy and procedure

Health and safety policy

History and background:

The Charity of Ann Edwards was established by a bequest of Ann Edwards, for the building of almshouses to house clergy widows and female dependants of deceased clergymen who had served in the Diocese of Gloucester. The original almshouses, built in South Cerney, were sold and a new development of eight units (two-bed houses and one-bed bungalows) was built in Abbeydale in 1994. Since then, the Scheme has been widened so that the properties are for the benefit of members of the Church of England who are in necessitous circumstances, with a preference for the widowed and children of deceased clergy in the Diocese of Gloucester. The Charity has also purchased two additional properties (one in Cirencester and one in Hucclecote) to support its beneficiaries.

Current vacancies: There are currently no vacancies at Ann Edwards Mews. You may apply to join the waiting list – please contact the Clerk to the Trustees, Kathryn Warner on 01452 835529 or ku.gr1679560341o.coi1679560341dsolg1679560341@renr1679560341awk1679560341 for further details.

Application information:

If you would like to apply for housing, please complete an Almshouses application form and a GP authorisation form, and have a look at the Residents’ Handbook and the Letter of Appointment, which will tell you more about living at Ann Edwards Mews. All these documents can be found in the Documents and information section of this page.

The Monthly Maintenance Charge (currently £400 for bungalows and £415 for houses) is normally paid by Direct Debit. This charge covers repairs and maintenance, external decoration, grounds maintenance , buildings insurance and the running of the guest flat. Residents are responsible for their utilities and council tax. There is a concessionary TV licence in place which is paid for by the Charity. Please note: only small house pets may be considered at Ann Edwards Mews – please contact the Clerk if you would like more information about the pet policy.

Once your application has been received, it will be reviewed by the Selection and Welfare Panel to make sure you fit the eligibility criteria. A meeting will then be arranged, in your current home if possible, to meet and discuss your application with you. We will take up your references (one of which needs to be a leader from within your church) and will contact your GP to get confirmation that you are capable of independent living.

If you are successful, you may be placed on a waiting list, or you may be offered a property if there is a vacancy. We will then agree a moving in date with you and help you settle in.

Management and general information:

Please contact the Clerk to the Trustees if you have queries about the following things:

  • how to apply for accommodation at Ann Edwards Mews – please call the Clerk to find out more about living here.
  • General information about the scheme

Please note that during the current Covid-19 crisis, visits to the scheme have been restricted – please contact the Clerk if you wish to visit the scheme.

For residents:

  • how to pay your Monthly Maintenance Charge
  • to discuss support you may need in your home
  • to update us on a change in your circumstances
  • to let us know when something has gone wrong
  • to book the guest room
  • to tell us if you are going away, going into hospital, or moving out of your home

Please note that during the current Covid-19 crisis, regular visits are not being made to residents at the scheme. The Clerk to the Trustees is making contact via telephone, and making visits when necessary. She can still be contacted via phone and email – details below:

Kathryn Warner Tel: 01452 835529 Email: ku.gr1679560341o.coi1679560341dsolg1679560341@renr1679560341awk1679560341 

You may be entitled to Housing Benefit, Universal Credit, Pension Credit or other benefits. For further information please contact the helplines below:

Please note that these helplines are likely to be very busy at the moment, due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, and some people losing their income. Please be patient when you call them.

Resident’s repairs enquiries:

Please contact the Diocese of Gloucester’s Maintenance Team if you have queries about the following things:

  • to talk about the grounds maintenance in the courtyard area
  • to ask for a repair to be carried out to your home or in the courtyard area
  • to find out when planned maintenance works are due on the scheme
  • to ask about trees in and around the scheme
  • to check when your gas and electrical inspections are due

Please note that repairs are being managed differently at present, due to Covid-19 restrictions, as well as difficulties for contractors to source parts. The repairs team can be contacted using the details below.

Chris Swioklo (Surveyor) Tel: 01452 835 577 Email: ku.gr1679560341o.coi1679560341dsolg1679560341@olko1679560341iwsc1679560341

Mary Coates (Property Administrator) Tel: 01452 835 530 Email: ku.gr1679560341o.coi1679560341dsolg1679560341@seta1679560341ocm1679560341

Trustees and Governance:

Gloucester Diocesan Trust is the sole Trustee of the Charity of Ann Edwards. Delegated authority has been given to the Diocesan Resources Committee to oversee the management of the Charity. Resources Committee meets five times a year, and reports are taken to each meeting. They review and approve the annual accounts and any new or amended policies. They delegate authority to the Selection and Welfare Panel to select residents and to ensure the support of all beneficiaries of the Charity. Some significant decisions need to be made by Bishop’s Council, which also meets five times a year.

Registered Charity Number: 263956

Selection and Welfare panel

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