Clergy Housing



The Department

The housing portfolio is managed by the Property and Development Department and overseen by the Resources Committee. The aims of the department are:

  • To strive to provide the highest quality housing services for all occupants within the bounds of its resources.
  • To obtain the best value for money for those who fund these services.
  • To examine ways of making the most efficient and appropriate use of the Diocese’s property assets.
  • To maintain the highest levels of professional integrity.



As the UK Government relaxes the guidelines for COVID, our policy has been revised detailing our requirements in order to manage any risk from this virus. The policy is taking a cautious stance in order to protect all parties involved in any property matters and will review again in January 2022. Please click on the link below for more information.

Coronavirus Property Advice Version 8 Dec 2021


‘House care handbook for clergy’ 

The handbook has been revised to include the new policy on tree maintenance, tv aerials, emergency work etc. The document should help  improve the understanding of the service provided by the Property and Development Department for clergy and the responsibilities of maintaining and living in a parsonage for all parties. The document highlights the key areas encountered during occupation e.g. Quinquennials, decorations, repairs etc. and summaries in the appendix the repair responsibilities to improve clarity of the works undertaken by the department. To access the document please click on the link below:

The Parsonage Handbook Rev B August 2021


Winter ready – Prevent foreseeable issues

Severn Trent Water provide useful information regarding keeping drains clear, protecting outside taps etc to prevent unwanted issues. Please check out the site.


For septic tanks and sewage treatment plants please look at the information fact sheet on Do’s and Don’ts below

Caring-for-your-system-septic tank and STP