Tenancy Housing



As the UK Government relaxes the guidelines for COVID, our policy has been revised detailing our requirements in order to manage any risk from this virus. The policy is taking a cautious stance in order to protect all parties involved in any property matters and will review again in January 2022. Please click on the link below for more information.

Coronavirus Property Advice Tenant Information Version 8 Dec 2021


Winter ready – Prevent foreseeable issues

Severn Trent Water provide useful information regarding keeping drains clear, protecting outside taps etc to prevent unwanted issues. Please check out the site.

Link    www.stwater.co.uk/my-supply/get-winter-ready/

For septic tanks and sewage treatment plants please look at the information fact sheet on Do’s and Don’ts below

Caring-for-your-system-septic tank and STP



Contact Details During Office Hours

In case of an emergency, please contact the Reactive Maintenance Team:


Chris Swioklo (R

Reactive Maintenance Surveyor)

Tel: 01452 835 577



Mary Coates (Property Administrator)

Tel: 01452 835 530



Out of Hours Emergencies

If an emergency occurs ‘Out of Hours’ please use the attached Emergencies advisory notes and Emergency Contacts list for approved contractors below.

Emergency Contacts List – Dec 2021

Emergency Advisory Notes Rev A April 2021


Important Information

Legionella Bateria Advice Sept 2021