Rural life

At times, the approach needed to mission and ministry needs to be very different in the rural context.  The diocese seeks to support and resource rural churches so that they can respond positively to the particular issues which face the rural community.

The Arthur Rank Centre

The Arthur Rank Centre is an ecumenical Christian charity which resources the work of churches in rural areas through the sharing of good practice, the provision of training and the encouragement of Christian ministry. The ARC leads the Christian churches in their efforts to improve the quality of life of those living and working in rural communities and supports and extends the work of rural churches.

There is a wide range of resources and information available via their website.  They also run a bi-annual conference in Coventry and publish Country Way magazine.

Gloucestershire Farming Friends/Farming Community Network

Gloucestershire Farming friends, in partnership with the Farming Community Network  seeks to support those within the farming community who are facing stressful situations and moments of crisis. A telephone helpline is provided by the Farming Community Network and Gloucestershire Farming Friends provide follow up support.

Useful links

Gloucestershire Rural Community Council: offering professional advice and support for Gloucestershire’s rural communities
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Action with Communities in Rural England:
The Addington Fund provides homes for farming families living in England and Wales who have to leave the industry and by doing so will lose their home and also offers emergency grants in times of hardship:
Christian Rural and Environmental Studies: