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Message from Dean Andrew, 25 October 2022

What is government for? In the political turbulence of these times, we need a vision of the role and purpose of government that goes beyond the economic and pragmatic.

One of the outstanding political philosophers and theologians of the last 100 years remains Archbishop William Temple. In his pamphlet, Christianity and Social Order, published towards the end of 1942, Temple set out a compelling vision for the provision of universal access to healthcare, education, decent housing, proper working conditions and adequate leisure time.

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Message from Bishop Rachel, 13 September 2022

Last Tuesday, many of us were looking at pictures of Her Late Majesty, Queen Elizabeth, receiving our new Prime Minister. Amid a time of yet more political upheaval and economic uncertainty, the Queen was there – that figure of constancy and unity. Then, just 48 hours later, everything changed, and this Tuesday we find ourselves mourning the death of a beloved Queen.

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