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Message from Bishop Rachel, 19 October 2021

In the aftermath of the shocking murder of Sir David Amess, I was struck by some words I heard on the radio spoken by Bishop James Jones (Bishop of Liverpool prior to his retirement). He spoke about the way we treat one another and speak of those with whom we disagree, not least those who serve and lead publicly. He spoke of a society that so often lacks mercy.

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Message from Bishop Rachel: An invitation to share stories of LIFE

As we move into the month of June still learning to live with Covid-19, we do not know what the government guidelines will be for life beyond 21 June, but once again I want to say an enormous Thank You for our life together and for all you have held, led, and navigated over this past year. Thank you too for the way people are creating a wave of thanks, amid both lament and joy, within your local context…

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Message from Bishop Rachel

On Thursday we will celebrate Ascension Day – a day of ending but not quite of clear new beginning.

Ascension Day marks the end of the story of Christ’s life on earth, and then comes a period of waiting, of wondering, of prayer. Once again there is unexpected change and disconcerting uncertainty, but this time it is lived with expectation (Acts 1:1-14).

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