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Message from Bishop Robert

“But I have not done enough.” These words were said to me some years ago by a member of the congregation in the church of which I was the Rector, to explain why they could not go ahead and be confirmed. ‘I have not done enough… I don’t deserve it…’ of course, as I tried gently to explain, if any of us waited until we have done enough to be confirmed no one would ever be!

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Message from Bishop Robert.

For those who are blessed with more, as we are in this country, comes therefore greater responsibility. If we are to keep ‘the law and the prophets’, we have to take to heart the command of Jesus to ‘love our neighbours as ourselves’.

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Message from Bishop Rachel: An invitation to share stories of LIFE

As we move into the month of June still learning to live with Covid-19, we do not know what the government guidelines will be for life beyond 21 June, but once again I want to say an enormous Thank You for our life together and for all you have held, led, and navigated over this past year. Thank you too for the way people are creating a wave of thanks, amid both lament and joy, within your local context…

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Message from Bishop Rachel

On Thursday we will celebrate Ascension Day – a day of ending but not quite of clear new beginning.

Ascension Day marks the end of the story of Christ’s life on earth, and then comes a period of waiting, of wondering, of prayer. Once again there is unexpected change and disconcerting uncertainty, but this time it is lived with expectation (Acts 1:1-14).

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Prayer and thankfulness

As we journey through this season of Easter towards Ascension Day and Pentecost, I want to encourage us to put prayer is at the heart of all we do as we plan, experiment and explore; and also to be attentive to how we fan thankfulness into flame  – Thankfulness to God and thankfulness to neighbour

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Message from Bishop Rachel: Chrism service sermon

Over the past year there has been so much loss of different sorts, and amid the bereavement and the trauma I have been very struck by how many people have said that one of the things they have missed is being able to share food and drink with friends. It’s certainly one of the things I’m looking forward to.

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