Education Contacts


Core Education Team

Rachel Howie  Director of Education and Chief Executive Officer of DGAT

Jo Munn  Deputy Director of Education

Linda Rolfe Strategic Lead for Governance

Nicki Wadley Strategic Lead for Governance

Debbie Helme Strategic Lead for RE and the Christian Character of Church Schools

David Williams Strategic Lead for Buildings  Admissions and Trusts

Rowan Scott-Berry Administrator – Education Team and SIAMS

Clare Woodman Administrator – Buildings and Finance

Sarah Major Administrator – Jumping Fish


Bishop’s Visitors

Bishop’s Visitors are volunteers who support Headteachers in Church of England schools in the Diocese of Gloucester.  Their primary role is to provide pastoral support to the school and in particular, the Headteacher. Bishop’s Visitors receive regular training and updates from the Education department and can signpost schools to relevant support and information.  For more information about Bishop’s Visitors, please see the Headteacher’s Support page.  or contact


Education Consultants

Diocesan Education Consultants are commissioned on behalf of the Education Team to undertake support and training  in schools. This may include working with headteachers, governors, teachers and children.  Consultants receive regular training and updates from the Education department and report directly to the Education Team.  To register your training or support request please  click here, or visit the Schools Training Support and Events webpage found at:

  • Charlotte Rawlings
  • David Crunkhurn
  • John Millin
  • Kerry Geddis

SIAMS Inspectors (Gloucestershire)

SIAMS inspectors are centrally trained by the Church of England Education Office, and ongoing training and supervision is provided by the Diocese which is a statutory part of continuing professional development.   Inspectors are commissioned by SIAMS Manager on behalf of schools, to undertake school inspections.  Inspectors can also be commissioned from any diocese across the country.

For more information about SIAMS, please visit

Please note, SIAMS Inspectors should not be contacted by schools directly, but all schools should use the email address: for any and all SIAMS enquiries.

  • Bernice Webber-Brown
  • Daphne Spitzer
  • David Crunkhurn
  • David Scorer
  • Jo Munn


If you are interested in applying to train to be a SIAMS Inspector, please contact .  Please be aware that applicants need to be approved by the Director of Education or Deputy Director of Education before making an application. We will keep you updated regarding the next national training cohort via the Diocese Education Newsletter (DEN).

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