Understanding Christianity

Understanding Christianity is a new resource to support the teaching of Christianity in Religious Education. It has been produced by RE Today, in collaboration with the National Society. You can find out more on the Understanding Christianity website.

Understanding Christianity is your main resource for teaching Christianity units in the new Agreed Syllabuses for RE. Some supplementary resources are available to borrow via our ‘click and collect’ service (for schools with a current subscription to use the resource centre) and additional materials, including useful web links, are available on our main RE web pages.

Understanding Christianity is currently only available to those who have attended training. If your school does not use the Understanding Christianity resource, please email Debbie Helme, Education Advisor about resources for teaching the Christianity units.


Copyright notice

Understanding Christianity is copyright RE Today Services 2016, under licence in collaboration with the National Society (Church of England and Church in Wales) for the promotion of education.

Material quoted on the Diocese of Gloucester RE web pages is reproduced by kind permission of RE Today.

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