Ideas and Activities – For children and families

Fresh ways to teach liturgy to teens

Ideas for Lent

Seeking Shapes for Living allows families to journey together and gently explore what it means for each of us to follow Jesus with our whole lives.  The resource provides a simple structure and prepared activities over five weeks, you choose where and when it fits the shape of your family life.

Using the same themes of Relating, Praying, Working, Playing and Growing adults and children in church, home and schools across The Diocese of Gloucester are being encouraged to use Seeking Shapes for Living materials during Lent 2019 but they could be used at any time of year and the prayers become part of your regular family devotions.


Ideas for Easter

Books for use with Resurrection Eggs. For use with preschool children  –  Benjamin’s Box: The Story of the Resurrection Eggs by Carlson Melody, or  Lily’s Easter party by Crystal Bowman.    

Get MessyMessy Church have put together a great selection Lent and Easter resources.

Make Resurrection Eggs and more – have a look at these websites.

Play Eat Grow  – Making Resurrection Eggs. The website is great pictorially show you exactly what to do.

Make Resurrection Easter Rolls –  Use a children’s bible you tell the story as you assemble the sweet rolls.  

Make an Easter Garden – List of what you need and what to do.



Create a Blessing Board or Book

Pin up or stick in a book photos of people or places special to you, you might like to use the prayer above as you think about the people add your children’s drawings, post it notes or other expressions of prayer.  This becomes their first spiritual journal.