Ideas and Activities – For children and families

24 December – The Whole Story – ready to print or read from a screen. A short and a long version of the story, ideal for a Christmas Eve read.

Twas the Evening of Christmas book retells the story using the style of The Night Before Christmas. Just right for Christmas Eve.
Glenys Nellist pub. Zondervan £12.99

Home by Another Way. Barbara Brown Taylor’s book retells the story of the Magi and their journey. Publishes by Flyaway Books £12.99

Paul Osborne – Christmas participation story 2 – This is a great way of groups retelling the Christmas story with participation that doesn’t require rehearsal or movement. Especially suited to large numbers.

Nativity slide show – Compiled into one PPT these pictures can be edited as you wish and used however you like. For example as rolling images for before a service, during prayers, as a quiet reflection with background music…

There are three distinct sections; A variety of crib scenes, art work from the Rev Ally Barret, photographs of Babies.


Christingle Ideas.

Recognise that people who come love the familiarity and knowing the symbolism.   Make them together which also saves time on pre-service prep. You could make them in the pews or at stations around the church.

Other activities enjoyed might be making stars or hearts from willow or twigs.  These can be embellished with a small string of battery operated lights.

Crisp-Tingle is a quirky talk just right for Christingles.


Mary’s Song – When we learn something by heart, like our Christmas songs and the words for our plays, it means we know it really well as though it was part of us. Jesus mother Mary knew God by heart he was part of her whole life. When she sang her song it came right from her heart and was filled with all the things she knew and loved about God.

Mary’s song;
I love God so much my heart is bursting,
I want to jump for joy !
God saw my humility and look what happened!
No one will ever forget how blessed I am
God, who is so awesome we call him Holy,
His generous forgiveness goes on and on like a river
refreshing the people who respect him.
God showed his courage and used his wisdom powerfully.
His justice turned everything upside down.
God challenged the power of bullies and boastful people.
He had compassion for the hurting people, giving them hope.
He fed the hungry people with good things, but not the greedy ones.
God kept the promise of friendship he made with Abraham,
God’s care for his children endures for ever.

There are lots of Christian values in Mary’s song, find and talk about them? Humility, generosity, forgiveness, respect, courage, wisdom, justice, challenge, compassion, hope, friendship endurance.

Have a look at The Spiritual Child Network website,they have lots of ideas for Christmas songs to the tunes of nursery rhymes which are especially good for toddlers and pre-school children.