Godly Play

In most religious education children are told who God is. In Godly Play children discover who God is.

Godly Play is a story telling technique based on the principle that all children have an innate Spirituality and our responsibility is to respect that and encourage it to flourish.

A typical session will include a welcome, time to get ready, a Bible story using symbolic objects and artefacts, open questions and discussion to explore the story and time to respond with using a variety of materials not solely craft. Many groups also share a ‘feast’ eating together bread and grapes as symbols of Holy Communion.

Jo Wetherall is an accredited Godly Play teacher and alongside Alison Summerskill, our Godly Play Advocate for Gloucestershire, is taking a lead on all things Godly Play for the diocese; including gathering a network of people interested in or already using Godly play.


4856271221_a973838eacThe Resource centre holds a number of resources to equip those using Godly Play in their schools and parishes. See the resource catalogue to find Godly Play boxes. If we don’t have something which you would really like to use, then do get in touch with us!

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