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Under Five and Flourishing, 30 March 2019

This day brings together a variety of experienced practitioners who understand the needs of our youngest children and the adults who care for them, and can offer insight and inspiration about this important age group and stage of family life. Children’s early experiences have a significant impact on their development, health, and behaviours and ultimately how they see themselves and their place in the world.  Ministry and work with under 5’s and very young families is an important and specialised area, requiring specific skills, resources and fun!

Our hope is that you will leave this day buzzing with knowledge and excited to put in to practice fresh skills and ideas in your own context, be that home, church, toddler group, crèche or preschool.

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Research seems to be showing that consistently greeting children as they enter a space increases their engagement. Here’s a video showing how children chose how to be greeted in one class.  What difference might it make to the situations where we are with children?

Do our resources give the right message?  This article is a good example of an important reminder that we often don’t actively consider what the materials we use say to the children in our groups. Are we sending a message that God’s love is for a particular ethnicity?  Use the link to read ‘creating a diverse classroom library’.