Dementia Awareness

We are continually developing this page to bring together resources, articles and awareness-raising information you may find helpful in your own churches, ministries, and communities on matters associated with dementia.

Coronavirus update: NHS Dementia advice, Family and friends version

As churches and worshipping communities there are ways that we can all get involved – one of these ways is by being a dementia friend, or thinking about becoming a dementia friendly church.

Dementia-friendly churches are part of our Inclusive communities, which recognise that nothing can hold us back from the love of God nor from the community of Christians.

Faith often has an important place in the lives of people living with dementia and their families. Time after time, Jesus made a point of connecting with those who had been pushed to the margins of society in one way or another. He treated them with respect and dignity, and saw beyond the label that society had put on them, and restored them into relationship with their community. The following are useful resources for those exploring this area of ministry:

The dementia friendly churches guide from Liveability
Dementia friendly resources leaflet
Ministry to the elderly books and links
Dementia friendly carol services

Dementia inclusion and projects in local churches

In the video below, we visit various projects around the Diocese of Gloucester to find out more about what being a dementia-friendly church means, and some of the various approaches and projects going on.

Dementia training for churches, delivered locally

Rachel Peak is a Dementia Education trainer, working for the NHS 2gether trust. She is offering training on being dementia friendly to individual parishes or benefices. Nikki Arthy (Gloucester City and Hempstead) has taken her up on this offer and found her to be an excellent trainer with practical suggestions about what might be helpful in a church community, several of which are now the new normal in her parish.
If any of you would like to be in touch with her, do drop her a line: Tel: Mob: 07909000271 Office: 01242 634446

Inclusion in Local neighbourhoods

We have a good working relationship with the Barnwood Trust, a local charity that focusses on inclusion of people living with all sorts of disability.  The Barnwood Trust run an excellent programme of free training, which is open to everyone, that help us think through how to ensure that everyone is included in our church and community events:

Further workshops via:


Further information and resources

If your church community has resources, or a project or event with a dementia focus that you’d like to share with others, please let us know by sharing your story or news about your activity with Lucy Taylor.
Becoming a Dementia Friendly Church (via Livability)
Dementia Action Week (Alzheimers national campaigns)
Sign up to be a Dementia Friend
Living with a long-term condition (Glos NHS)
Getting care and support (Age UK)
Contact Specialist advisors via Mission & Ministry

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