Ministry of Healing and Wholeness

Bishop Rachel presiding churchdown service healing

The Bishop of Gloucester has appointed an advisory group as a resource to encourage and enable the development of Christ’s ministry of healing and wholeness. For information and resources contact Sheila Appleton the Bishop’s Adviser for the Ministry of Healing and Wholeness (tel. 07946 723851).

Advice and Support

If you need any further advice or support, please contact the Bishop’s Adviser, Sheila Appleton

Associate Advisers: The Bishop’s Advisor is supported by a team of Associate Advisers based in different parts of the Diocese. One of them may be asked to help with your request. In the first instance, please text, phone or email Sheila Appleton and she will direct your request as appropriate.

Guidelines for Healing

Growing a Healing Ministry
Diocese of Gloucester Guidelines for the Healing Ministry
The Church of England House of Bishops’ guidelines for good practice in the healing ministry

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