In an Emergency

In case of an emergency, please contact the Reactive Maintenance Team:

Craig Smith (Surveyor)

Tel: 01452 835 577

Email: csmith@glosdioc.org.uk 


Mary Coates (Property Administrator)

Tel: 01452 835 530

Email: mcoates@glosdioc.org.uk


If an emergency occurs ‘Out of Hours’ please use the attached Emergencies advisory notes and Emergency Contacts list for approved contractors.


Housing Resources:

Emergency Contacts List for Approved Contractors March 2018

Emergency Advisory Notes Dec 2017

Decoration Allowance CLAIM FORM 2018


Useful Information:

Condensation_and_Mould_Growth Advice (Gateway)

Trees Maintenance -Protected Trees (Gloucester City Council)

The Department

The housing portfolio is managed by the Property and Development Department and overseen by the Reources Committee. The aims of the department are:

  • To strive to provide the highest quality housing services for all occupants within the bounds of its resources.
  • To obtain the best value for money for those who fund these services.
  • To examine ways of making the most efficient and appropriate use of the Diocese’s property assets.
  • To maintain the highest levels of professional integrity.


Due to departmental changes the website is currently under ‘Construction’ with all policy and handbook documents being updated. We hope to have all this information available in September 2018.


The Emergency Contractors list and advisory notes have been updated (December 2017) so please discard your old lists and use the revised documents attached.



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