Shapes for Living

Shapes for Living Lent CourseShapes for Living is a free 5-week Lent Course, new for 2019.

Jesus says, ‘I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full’ (John 10:10).

As faithful disciples of Jesus Christ, we are called ‘to work for the flourishing of all people and the flourishing of the whole of creation’. ‘Life in all its fullness’ is the gift God wants for all of us. But if we are to live that calling well we will need to find a sustainable, nurturing shape for our own lives, so easily over-busy with the stressful and overwhelming demands of modern living.

This course:

  • offers a fresh way of exploring what is traditionally called a Rule of Life
  • is about the whole business of being alive – with ourselves, each other and God
  • is a way of growth, transformation and flourishing
  • helps to hold us true to our beliefs, values and priorities.

Bishop Rachel will be leading a session on Shapes for Living in different locations on Sundays during Lent 2019 (see timetable below). This will involve reflecting together on what it might mean for each of us to live a whole life faith that nurtures, sustains and celebrates the fullness of life in Christ.

The session will be aimed at adults and be the same in each location. The hope is that people will attend a session at a time and place convenient to them.

Course resources

Download the Shapes for Living overview A4 booklet  (print version available in black & white here)

Introduction video

Download this video as an MP4 video file
Download and print the video transcript for this video introduction

Session 1 video: Relating

Download this video as an MP4

Session 2 video: Praying

Download this video as an MP4

Session 3 video: Working

Download this video as an MP4

Session 4 video: Playing

Download this video as an MP4

Session 5 video: Growing

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