Fighting for Womens Justice

We believe the women’s justice system needs to change. Bishop Rachel has been campaigning to change the systems and sentencing for the most vulnerable women in our communities.

We campaign to raise awareness of the incredible work that takes place through Women’s Centres across this country and especially through the Nelson Trust; a women’s centre based in Gloucester. Here they provide a “one-stop-shop” approach to the wide range of problems faced by women in the Criminal Justice System. The Diocese of Gloucester is proud to have partnered with the Nelson Trust to provide safe, secure housing for women released from prison.

We know that it costs approximately £47k per year to keep a woman in prison, but women’s centres can work effectively with approximately £4k per woman each year. Properly resourced women’s centres can provide an opportunity for women to receive a holistic trauma-informed approach of rehabilitation

Every year we run an event in the House of Lords or House of Commons to keep momentum behind our message. This year with joined with the Bishop of Newcastle to raise awareness of the vital need to provide suitable accommodation for women released from prison.

Bishop Rachel said, “I hope that people are challenged to take action in ways that will help provide a different path for some women in the justice system, giving them opportunities to flourish.” Bishop Christine, the Bishop of Newcastle said, “We know from statistics that many women lose their homes while in custody and 60% of women prisoners may not have homes to go to on release. Safe, secure housing is crucial in breaking the cycle of offending and the harm it causes to our communities, to the women involved and to their families.”

Rachel’s story

At an event to highlight the importance of finding suitable accommodation for women released from prison, Rachel from Gloucester shared her extraordinary story:

House of Commons event: speeches

Changing Lives

Gabrielle Lee: Prison Governor

Change is coming.

Bishop Rachel speaks to the House of Lords on the Domestic Abuse Bill, Jan 2021:

Bishop Rachel speaks in the House of Lords, Oct 2019:

Women in prison: Lorna’s story

Bishop Rachel speaks in the House of Lords, Jan 2019:

Women in prison: Lisa’s story

Justice event synopsis, House of Lords, Oct 2018:

Full event speeches from the above:

Bishop Rachel speak in the House of Lords on sentencing, Sep 2018:

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Bishop Rachel with Bishop Christine of Newcastle

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