Who you are is more than how you look.

60% of girls opt-out of everyday activities because of how they think they look. Around half of adolescent boys are unhappy with their bodies. (stats via UWE/Dove research).

Young people’s happiness is at its lowest since 2010. Increasingly, many young people are sourcing their identities from social media and advertising, and in the process losing their self-esteem, which is one of the reasons why our campaign is called #liedentity.

Bishop Rachel said, “I long for every young person to discover their worth as a unique individual created in the image of God and to find happiness as they go on becoming who they have been created to be.”

The Liedentity Conference was on 20th February 2018; a full media package including videos, photos and associated content is available below, and you can engage with the ongoing discussions via Twitter.



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The video below kicked-off our conference: we asked teenagers from across the region how image-first social media made them feel. We had some amazing responses:


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Photos from the Liedentity conference

Marksteen of Asha / PEELRepresentatives of Flourish: Kerstin FriendBishop Rachel talks to the BBC, Points WestDr Phillippa Diedrichs of UWE Appearance Matters ResearchLiam Preston of YMCA, talking about the Be Real campaignInterviews taking place throughout the day, including pupils from All Saints School CheltenhamJim Davis of The Children's Society, talking about school uniformsQ&A Panel, led by Rachel Howie, Director of Education

Bishop Rachel said, “We are bombarded with messages of what the ‘perfect body image’ is, and for many this undermines true identity. We know that for these young people having negative thoughts about how they look can impact on their entire life, causing deep unhappiness and contributing to poor mental health.

“Over the last couple of years I have been speaking publically about this issue and promoting the message that who you are, is more than how you look. I launched a social media campaign #liedentity with pupils from All Saints Academy in Cheltenham, challenging negative body image and encouraging young people to look within to discover true value and beauty. This has given me a great opportunity to speak with young people about my own identity in Christ and my desire for every person to discover their worth and potential as a unique individual created in the image of God.”

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