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Jumping Fish Ltd® publications support RE teaching, spiritual development, values education and collective worship in schools, and help churches to promote links with their local schools. All-age worship materials are also available, to help churches be more “family friendly”.

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Resources for schools
Supporting church-school links
For churches: All-age worship
For churches: Worship and youth ministry

Supporting schools: values education and spiritual development


The Teaching Values for Life toolkit is a range of resources to support values education and spiritual development in primary schools.  This exciting set of publications provides school leaders and teachers with resources to integrate Christian values into all aspects of school life, as well as supporting opportunities for prayer and reflection.

Promoting church-school links: the Experience Journeys

An exciting way for churches to share the festival stories with children.

This is an imaginative approach to help children experience the Christian festivals through the year using easy to assemble, interactive stations set up in different parts of the church.

In the series are Experience Easter, Experience Easter Outside, Experience Pentecost, Experience Harvest, Experience Christmas and Experience Church.

Resources for churches : all-age worship

Many churches are looking for practical, imaginative ideas to engage everyone aged from 0 – 90 in worship. The “Resourcing” series of publications offers ideas for talks, prayers, confessions and much more, for all the seasons of the church year.  They all work within a Common Worship framework, but can be adapted for almost any situation.  Each pack (except Pentecost) includes an outline for an activity morning.  Service ideas can be adapted for use in Eucharistic and non-Eucharistic services.

Resources for churches: worship and youth ministry

Leading Worship is a structured course to train lay people to lead worship, following church guidelines.  This CD-ROM resource gives all the material needed for six modules (90 minutes each).

Glimpses for Young People is a CD-ROM resource containing activities designed to help young people reflect on their spirituality.


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