The Giving Toolbox

Recognising that there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to encouraging Christian Giving, we have developed a new approach and accompanying resources called The Giving Toolbox.

Just like a real toolbox, we hope that within its mysterious interior you will always find exactly the right tool for the job!

But how do you know which tool to choose?

The Process

If you are serious about exploring the place of Christian Giving within the life of the church, then the starting place is a conversation with one of the Christian Giving Team.

We will then meet with you to discuss what you have in mind.

We will also look at some of the Financial Background to your Parish or Benefice in order to determine what is needed to help people take a further step along the journey of discipleship.

Once we have had that initial meeting we can then advise which of the current resources (or hybrid of more than one) we believe will be most effective and begin the process of putting together a possible programme within your Parish or Benefice. Together we will identify the right tool for the job!

The Tools

Each of the following Tools has been developed to mirror the six Steps of Giving and to encourage church members to consider taking the next step.

Stage One – Encouraging ‘Regular’ giving

This a possible two-stage tool with an element for reaching out to the local community to encourage support for the church as well as some basic Christian teaching for the local congregation to encourage both groups to consider regular giving.

For those in the early steps of their journey (Survivalor Supermarket) this is a good place to start.

The resources for this stage include a full guide to running a programme, templates for invitation letters etc., plus a Presentation and Script for reaching out to the local community and teaching materials (sermon etc.) for use in church.

All these bits of the toolbox can be adapted for local context.

Stage Two – Encouraging ‘Realistic’ giving

This set of tools is to help Parishes begin a discussion on giving as part of Christian life and introduce this concept to those further along the pathway of Discipleship (Support or Subscription).

They will introduce the idea of Christian Giving as part of our walk with God with an early drip-feed of teaching over a period of weeks (obviously not continuous!) leading to a gentle invitation to support the life of the church by not only giving regularly, but also realistically.

There is a suite of resources including PCC guide-book and Sermons etc. to give a complete programme to talk about Christian Giving as a first time introduction to the concept. Plus there are templates to produce all the materials needed to make this programme work.

Once again, these tools are adaptable for local situations.

Stage Three – Encouraging ‘Proportionate’ Giving

This final set of resources offers a traditional ‘three Sunday programme’ aimed at those already on the path of Discipleship or at a stage of Christian Development where they are more open to the idea of proportionate Christian Giving being part of their commitment to God (Submissionor Sacrifice).

These resources include a range of materials for local production as well as a handbook for those leading the programme, a Presentation to the PCC, templates for the PCC to use to set their vision and budget, sermons and PowerPoints for use in worship and other supporting materials.

Each of these tools has a specific purpose, but elements can be combined to build a bespoke programme best suited to your local situation after discussion together.

How to access the Toolbox?

The place to start is to contact Mike Smith – Christian Giving Coordinator at the Diocese of Gloucester on 07840 260182 or for an initial conversation. Then either Mike or one of the Team will arrange to meet up to discuss your ideas in more detail and begin to help you plan the best approach to raising the profile of Christian Giving within your Parish or Benefice.


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